Public art

Across Kinneil Estate you’ll find sculptures and art installations to inspire you.

At the entrance to the Estate is the Kinneil Gate Guardian, a sculpture based on a Roman horse harness found nearby. The piece was installed as part of the Rediscovering The Antonine Wall project, supported by the National Lottery and other partners.

More on the Kinneil Gate Guardian here.

Just behind Kinneil Museum – among fruit trees – you’ll find wooden sheep. They were installed by Falkirk Community Trust with the support of the Tesco Bags of Help initiative.

The Trust has also installed this striking bench (below), depicting a Roman helmet and animals found at Kinneil. The bench is in the meadow area behind Kinneil House (close to the ruined Kinneil Kirk).

Also close to the church, you’ll find these three metal “Beacons” – installed by the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative, which frame views around the Estate and echo the crow-stepped gables of Estate buildings.

You’ll find out more about the Inner Forth Beacons here.