Welcome to the Kinneil website. It’s packed with information on historic Kinneil Estate and its neighbouring Nature Reserve. Go for a walk, step back in time and have a great day. There are lots of things to explore.

Visit Kinneil Museum

Kinneil Museum is normally open throughout the year (from 12.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day – although closed on Tuesdays). Admission is free of charge. The museum is packed with information on the history of Kinneil and the wider Bo’ness area.

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Kinneil boasts acres of woodland and natural habitat.
Explore the area on foot or bike.
Check out free audio tours and maps of the area.

Explore Kinneil House

The imposing Kinneil House is closed to the public throughout 2021. However you can still visit the grounds and find out more about the House in Kinneil Museum.

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Kinneil Roman fortlet

The Roman Antonine Wall – which runs through Kinneil Estate – was named as a British World Heritage Site in 2008. Read our archive story on the announcement. Also WalksMap, Videos relating to the Wall.

Kinneil Estate and Nature Reserve are part of the John Muir Way, a long-distance walking route across central Scotland.
See www.johnmuirway.org for details.