Big Roman Week 2011

>> ARCHIVE PAGE >> DETAILS OF THE 2011 EVENT BELOW >> VISIT http://www.bigromanweek.org.uk FOR THE 2012 EVENT   To mark the birthday of Emperor Antoninus Pius - who built his Roman frontier across Falkirk district -  we’re organising a series of events to celebrate our rich Roman heritage. Welcome to the third Big Roman Week.… Continue reading Big Roman Week 2011

James Watt Supper

Remembering James Watt

ONE of Scotland’s greatest sons is being remembered this week – exactly 275 years after he was born. The inventor James Watt was born in Greenock on January 19, 1736. He went on to develop and improve the steam engine – the workhorse which powered the Industrial Revolution. On Friday (Jan 21), the charity The… Continue reading Remembering James Watt