Kinneil Estate was once famous for its fruit trees. In recent years, an orchard has been re-established on ground to the rear of Kinneil Museum.

Local schoolchildren initially planted the new trees and local people have been involved in the ongoing maitenance of the site.

You’ll find archive stories about the Orchard here.

There’s also information on the Orchard project on the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative website.

In his history of the Estate, historian Geoff Bailey said: “The best part of the garden was the orchard, noted for its Murray pears and Brethren pears. As well as cherry trees round the walls there were peaches and apricots. Some of the fruit was sent to Hamilton for the family, but the remainder was sold locally.”

If you’d like to get involved in improving the new orchard, or another part of the Estate, join or volunteer with The Friends of Kinneil.