VISIT KINNEIL THIS CHRISTMAS. Open days at Kinneil House have finished for 2012, but you still visit Kinneil Museum and the wonderful Kinneil Estate throughout the year. See the festive opening times here.
ROMANS IN KINNEIL. The line of the turf and stone Antonine Wall runs through Kinneil Estate. Visit the park and see the remains of a Roman fortlet and find out more in Kinneil Museum. See our attractions page for details. Also on this site: The Roman Antonine Wall, Walks, Map, Videos
KINNEIL – WORLD-CLASS SITE The Antonine Wall – which runs through Kinneil Estate – was named as a British World Heritage Site in 2008. Read our archive story on the announcement.
2000 YEARS OF HISTORY Find out about the 2000 years of history on Kinneil Estate; how the area became the northern frontier of the Roman Empire and how inventor James Watt worked on developing his steam engine here.

Kinneil Collage

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Frontiers of the Roman Empire logoKinneil Estate includes remnants of the Antonine Wall. The historic frontier was named as an extension to the Frontier of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site in 2008 by UNESCO. Hadrian’s Wall in England is also part of this trans-national World Heritage Site. A new website www.romanfrontiers.org is now online.


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