Foreshore installations

Across the Foreshore / Kinneil Nature Reserve you’ll find a series of installations, celebrating the area’s rich history.

A curvy sign – cast by the local foundry – is close to the Snab Lane entrance. It was installed by the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative, working with Falkirk Council.

The charity Sustrans commissioned this audio point, close to the Kinneil rail halt. It celebrates the mining heritage of the area and looks over the bing created from the spoil from the old Kinneil Pit (the last colliery in the town). Wind up the handle on the installation to hear local mining memories.

There are further installations/boards from Sustrans, Falkirk Council and Great Place Falkirk along the foreshore path (which is also the number 76 national cycle route).

Heading eastwards you should spot this striking bird hide. It was commissioned as part of the National Lottery-funded Inner Forth Landscape project.

You’ll spot a coal miner and the winding gear of a colliery cut into the steel.

The Sustrans boards encourage people to stop and consider the views and the history of the area. This board (below) mentions the stunning views to the north, across the River Forth.

Further east – close to picnic benches – you’ll find granite blocks that have been turned into pieces of modern art. Sadly we don’t have information on the artist or his/her inspiration.

Close to Bo’ness Harbour (near Union Street) you’ll find a bench/mini tunnel. It celebrates the tunnel created under the Forth linking Kinneil Colliery (on the south) with Valleyfield Colliery (across in Fife).

The modern tunnel/bench was commissioned by the Inner Forth Landscape Initative. IFLI also produced a video about the original tunnel project (you can view it on YouTube).

Next to this is a yellow buoy. Originally it was rusting away in the large dock at Bo’ness – before being rescued and restored. There is also a panel on the maritime history of Bo’ness – and a bench to have a seat. All this art appreciation can be tiring!

Keep walking and you’ll find more installations from Sustrans: one highlighting the nature of the area, overlooking at the bay at Grangepans. Did you know the area is a haven for birds?

Another board, further east at Bridgeness, highlights the Roman heritage of the area, encouraging people to visit the amazing Bridgeness Slab replica nearby.

Images by Adrian Mahoney.