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Statement on decision by Falkirk Council’s Executive Committee

The Friends of Kinneil are dismayed at today’s decision by Falkirk Council’s Executive Committee.

Councillors across all parties had asked officers to report with definite plans for Kinneil Estate including options for a potential Heritage Lottery bid. Today, the Councillors on this Committee, across parties, approved a report which contains no such plans, no vision, and no clear commitment to the main remaining objectives which have failed to be progressed from the existing Masterplan 2015-25.

The decision effectively also then puts Kinneil Estate back to the end of the queue for any further planning for major development, external fundraising or investment.

Not a single Councillor on the Executive opposed these proposals, not even from the SNP administration whose recent local election manifesto for the Falkirk area specifically promised: “We want to harness the potential of tourism. The delivery of an updated Kinneil Masterplan will ensure that the Bo’ness site, with 2,000 years of history, is a shining example of how we celebrate our heritage”.

The relevant part of the recording of the meeting can be viewed here (beginning at 1:58:12):