Discover the history of the Bo’ness foreshore

The Foreshore of Bo’ness – from Kinneil Nature Reserve in the west to Carriden in the east – is steeped in history.

The Friends of Kinneil has teamed up with the cycling and paths charity Sustrans to highlight some key local stories.

Click the links below to read the articles – and visit the Foreshore area yourself.

The Scottish Greenways Programme at Sustrans wants to increase the numbers of people walking, cycling and wheeling (using a wheelchair, scooter, skateboard, or skates) through making traffic-free paths more welcoming, attractive and accessible spaces.

2020-2021 is the pilot year for this programme. As part of the pilot year, Transport Scotland has allocated funding to enhance the traffic-free path running along the Bo’ness Foreshore.

Sustrans has been supporting Falkirk Council and the Bo’ness community to enhance the foreshore paths, make them more accessible to wheelchair users, and highlight local culture.

Read updates from the project here.

For more information, email: ScottishGreenways@sustrans.org.uk