History, Kinneil House

Digital artist’s impression of 16th-Century Kinneil House

Many thanks to castle re-construction artist Andrew Spratt for kind permission to share his wonderful impression of how the original Kinneil House might have looked after it was built in the mid-16th Century, and before the 17th-Century re-modelling by Duchess Anne Hamilton which gave us more or less the current form of the house.

The central block was originally a tall, defensive tower house or keep – with other apartments in the separate ‘Palace Wing’ to the right. New research suggests there may have been a previous connecting block between the two wings, although its form is less certain and Andrew hasn’t shown this.

Thanks and credit as well to Adrian Mahoney for sharing the recent winter photograph on which Andrew has based his reconstructed view.

Check out Andrew’s Twitter page for his many other ingenious digital reconstructions of Scottish castles!