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Publication of new research on Kinneil’s social value

A new independent research report on Kinneil’s social value has been published by Liz Robson of the University of Stirling, forming part of a wider project also supported by Historic Environment Scotland. Several may remember speaking with Liz during the period of her field studies.

Liz has posted an interesting blog feature on her project’s web site, to introduce the Kinneil report.

The full text of the report provides an excellent analysis of the unusual complexity and depth of community/spiritual value associated with this outstanding, multi-layered heritage site.

Recent months have demonstrated more than ever the importance to the community and people’s wellbeing. The Friends of Kinneil believe that this strongly supports the strategic rationale for the estate to be publicly cherished by the bodies which manage it, and given the higher levels of investment which it needs and deserves for the future.