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Free new outdoor audio tours and family quiz sheet for Kinneil Estate

Until the pandemic restrictions are lifted, Kinneil House and Kinneil Museum may sadly remain shut, but you can still visit the beautiful expanses of Kinneil Estate at any time. Discover 200 acres of open parkland, with 2,000 years of different layers of history – all in one site!

If you have a smartphone, tablet or similar device you can now benefit from a choice of two free audio guides for your visit:

(1) The first version is part of the ‘Falkirk Explored’ app, available for both Android and iOS. and recently launched by the ‘Great Place’ Falkirk project.  Once you’ve downloaded the app, the Kinneil tour is prominently featured on the ‘Tours’ page, under ‘Walking’.

This tour covers the ‘Hidden Heritage’ discovery trail route, featuring different areas of the estate’s heritage, researched by a group of volunteers during 2019.

The app also enables you to download the route to use offline.

The trail will soon be complemented on site by additional interpretation panels at some of the stages along the route.

(2) A second audio tour has also recently been independently produced by past Chair/Vice-Chair of the Friends of Kinneil, and volunteer guide, Adrian Mahoney.

Working via the international izi.TRAVEL app, it too is highly recommended – download the izi app now, then search for ‘Kinneil’, and let Adrian take you on an expert tour of approximately 45 minutes, beginning at Kinneil Museum, around the main monuments and other features in the estate.

You can also see a version of the guide on the izi web site.

For more details, download instructions, and links to the tour, visit Adrian’s PR company’s web site here.

An older self-guided tour by historian Ian Scott is also available here.

Finally, why not also try the new ‘Delightful Details’ fun family quiz for Kinneil Estate? It is produced by Falkirk Community Trust, who manage the estate. Before your visit to the estate, you can download and print a copy of the quiz sheet via their web site here.