Barbara: Why I love Kinneil …

Barbara McConnell (second from right) is the Step Forth co-ordinator for Falkirk Community Trust. The charity co-ordinates volunteer-led health walks at Kinneil Estate, three times a week.


Barbara says: “I love Kinneil Estate. It’s where I started my first walks as Step Forth walking co-ordinator.

“If ever I feel a little down or stressed I go down to Kinneil and have a lovely walk with my walk leaders.

“Kinneil is beautiful. There is always something to see.

“I was there with my Nordic walking group yesterday.

“The woods had a blanket of golden leaves and the colours on the trees were just beautiful.

“The pond was glittering in the sun (oh yes, there was sun!)

“It’s such a calm place and full of history. The (Kinneil) House is just stunning when you walk up the drive.

“Our group walked around the Estate then back to have a look in the museum.  There was so much to read and see it was very interesting. Go and have a look. It’s amazing.

” . . . And if you want a wee bit company, join our (Kinneil) walking groups, Mondays 10.30 a.m., Thursdays 10.30 a.m. and Tuesdays at 2 p.m. all from the front of the museum.”

Find out more about Kinneil health walks here.

Barbara's Nordic walking group explore Kinneil Woods.
Barbara’s Nordic walking group explore Kinneil Woods.