Variety on offer at new Kinneil orchard

6DE7K19C3VVolunteers – including local schoolchildren – have been busy planting an orchard behind Kinneil Museum in Bo’ness. Eventually the space will be home to a range of fully-grown fruit trees, including apples, pears and plums.

Here’s the full list of the varieties being planted:

  • Almond Ingrid
  • Beth Pear
  • Cambridge Gage
  • Catshead Apple
  • Clydeside Apple
  • Crawford Pear
  • Golden Hornet Crab
  • Hawthornden Apple
  • Hazel -to be planted after wall repairs
  • Hazel Nottingham
  • Juneating Apple
  • Katy Apple
  • King of the Pippins Apple
  • Longueville Pear
  • Medlar Nottingham
  • Megginch Favourite Apple
  • Mirabelle Cherry Plum
  • Opal Plum
  • Peach Peregrine
  • Quince Portugal
  • Rivers Early Plum
  • Thorle Pippin Apple
  • Tower of Glamis Apple
  • Victoria Plum
  • Winter Pearmain Apple

More about the project here

The Kinneil orchard project has been supported by Falkirk Community Trust, Central Scotland Green Network Trust, the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative and Forth Environment Link.

Read more on the Bo’ness Journal website 

You’ll also find information on the Forth Environment Link site.