Roman film now online

romanboness-adA film about the Roman Antonine Wall has gone online … just in time for this year’s World Heritage Day (April 18).

“The Mark of Rome” tells the story of the Bridgeness Slab – dubbed by some experts as one of the best Roman treasures in Britain.

The intricate carved tablet, part of the Roman frontier (built around 142AD), was discovered at Bridgeness, Bo’ness, in the 1860s. The original is now on display in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The film follows the efforts of Bo’ness Community Council, which worked with Falkirk Council to have a proper replica installed in the town.

The movie was originally launched on DVD but has now been posted on Falkirk Council’s YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/falkirkcouncil ) in a bid to reach a wider, global audience.

The Council has also installed new brown tourist signage to help visitors see the outdoor replica for themselves.

The Slab is opposite the Bridgeness Miners’ Welfare hall at Harbour Road, Bo’ness. If you have a satellite navigation device, use the postcode EH51 9LF.

A short distance from the replica is Kinneil Museum – which interprets the Antonine Wall and the surrounding area.

Councillor Adrian Mahoney, Falkirk Council’s spokesman for Culture, Leisure and Tourism, said he was pleased to see the film online.

He said: “I hope it will make more people visit the Bridgeness Slab replica – at the eastern end of the Antonine Wall – and other Roman sites in the Falkirk Council area.

“The film, produced by local firm Sanctus Media, was originally launched on DVD. With their help, we’ve put up the full movie on YouTube, to help it reach a wider audience.

“YouTube is now embedded in many new TVs, so it means more people can enjoy the ‘Mark of Rome’ from the comfort of their own homes.”

World Heritage Day takes place on April 18 each year. The event encourages people to visit and find out more about UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Antonine Wall – built of turf and stone – became part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site in 2008.

* Kinneil House, Bo’ness, will be open for World Heritage Day – April 18 – and April 19, 2015.Kinneil House, Bo’ness, will be open for World Heritage Day – April 18 – and April 19, 2015.