Kinneil Museum closed for upgrade

KINNEIL Museum has been closed for a short period – to allow improvement works to take place.

Thanks to funding from Falkirk Council, the museum will become more accessible for people with disabilities. Toilets will be upgraded and a ramp installed to improve wheelchair access. Falkirk Community Trust, which runs the facility on behalf of the Council, says the on-site works were due to start today (March 26) and last until May 4. However, if work is completed earlier it will be publicised on www.kinneil.org.uk – and on www.fb.com/kinneil

Currently the Trust expects the museum to re-open on Wednesday, May 9.


Despite the temporary museum closure, plans for the open day at Kinneil House on April 21/22 will go ahead as scheduled. And, of course, the surrounding Kinneil Estate, packed with historical sites, remains open all year. If you need the toilet, there’s a superloo at the edge of the park, off Provost Road. Portaloos are also being arranged for the extra visitors on April 21/22.

You can also find toilets, food and drink at nearby restaurants/bars – including the Riverview, Richmond Park Hotel and Corbie Inn. There are also toilets and cafes in Bo’ness Town Centre.