Access to Kinneil House

WE’RE often asked about access to Kinneil House. One visitor to the estate recently said she was sure she read online the House was open. Yes – you can see inside, but only on special open days organised by Historic Scotland and The Friends of Kinneil (there’s usually five or six of these a year, spread across the seasons, except winter). Historic Scotland also organises private tours for groups from time-to-time.

At all other times, you can only tour the OUTSIDE of the House, which is impressive in its own right – and find out more in Kinneil Museum, which is open usually six afternoons a week, all year. The dates of open days are always promoted on the Kinneil website. Just visit the homepage at www.kinneil.org.uk and look out for the story “SEE INSIDE KINNEIL HOUSE”. Kinneil Museum also has the dates (plus information on all the other stuff to see at Kinneil; and there’s lots  . . . even when the House is closed up.)

One more thing – you can visit “virtually”. Pictures of the inside of the House, which boasts renaissance walll paintings, are on display on a computer terminal in Kinneil Museum. There’s also a slideshow of pictures at http://www.grahamsdyke.plus.com/kinneil/

So, sadly, you can’t get in all the time. But there are opportunities to visit. And, in you want a reminder, join the Kinneil Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kinneil (click the “like” button at the top to follow). Hope this helps!