Kinneil’s Royal dynasty

JAMES Hamilton – the second Earl of Arran (who built the Palace section at Kinneil House in the mid-16th century) – is one of the “stars” of a new Historic Scotland ad campaign, promoting the revitalised Renaissance Palace at Stirling Castle, now re-opened after a £12 million restoration. The painted rooms at Kinneil were likely to have been inspired by the Palace at Stirling. Both buildings are from the same period. James Hamilton, was the Regent of Scotland when Mary, Queen of Scots, was a child queen. Had Mary died, the Earl of Arran could have made his own bid for the Scottish throne. Hence the “Dynasty-style” ad campaign about the family turmoil facing the Stewarts and their relatives.

Part of a Royal Dynasty . . . James Hamilton, the second Earl of Arran – Regent of Scotland in the mid-16th century and a man with his own claim to the Scottish throne. You can see his very own Palace at Kinneil.