Volunteers clean-up estate


SUNDAY morning rain didn’t deter volunteers from helping to clean-up Kinneil Estate in Bo’ness.

Around 30 people took part in a weekend litter pick, organised by Bo’ness Community Council, in conjunction with Bonnie Bo’ness and The Friends of Kinneil.

Despite the drizzle, the army of helpers collected around 60 bags of rubbish – as well as a wooden palette, part of an engine, and even an old DVD player.

Madelene Hunt, the chair of Bo’ness Community Council, said: “The weather on Sunday morning wasn’t very good, but people still came along to help. I’d like to thank everyone who gave their support to Sunday’s event.”

Local councillor Adrian Mahoney, who took part in the clean-up, said: “We collected lots of crisp bags, bottles and cans. I found a used nappy dumped over a wall and lots of plastic bags, as well as unwanted dog bags.

“At first glance, the estate doesn’t look too bad – but a quick look into trees and bushes and you can find lots of litter. We made good progress, but there’s still lots to be done in Kinneil and elsewhere in the town.”

He added: “Parks like Kinneil are really important to local people and it’s terrible to see litter being needlessly dumped in the estate and in other parts of the local area. Not only is it unsightly – it also presents a real risk to local wildlife. I’d urge people not to be ‘dumb dumpers’ and to properly dispose of their litter. Take it home, put it in your household bin, or recycle at the recycling centre.”

rubbishcollected-pic2Sunday’s clean-up was organised with the support of Falkirk Council’s litter team. The local authority recently published a “Community Support Pack” to encourage people to organise events. The publication provides lots of useful information to help people make a real difference in their communities, through clean-ups and other environmental projects. The pack includes case studies on existing groups – plus useful advice on setting up your own group and important things such as health and safety and insurance. You can download the guide by visiting:


(Above – some of the 30 volunteers who took part in Sunday’s event; right – some of the bags of rubbish collected around the estate.)