Art/photo competition 2009

Kinneil Estate in Bo’ness is a magical place. Please help us promote this spectacular parkland by taking part in our art and photography competition.


All you have to do is take a photograph or paint or draw a picture showcasing part of the estate. It could be a building, a parkland scene (like the one by 2007 winner Chloe Nash, above right), animals in the estate or people.

The only stipulation is that it must have been painted, drawn or photographed in the formal public park and woodland that forms Kinneil Estate.

The entry is open to adults and children.


  • An original framed water colour of Kinneil Estate by local artist Guthrie Pollock
  • Family pass to visit Edinburgh Castle (donated by Historic Scotland)
  • Bo’ness Toy Shop Gift Vouchers
  • Inkspot and Silverleaf Bookseller Gift Vouchers
  • Kinneil T-shirts
  • and much more.


There are adult, primary and secondary school age sections for photographs, paintings/drawn pictures. (adult entrants will be from the age 18 upwards). All photos, paintings and pictures must be taken, painted or drawn in the grounds of Kinneil House and Estate within the last five years. The entrant must have taken the picture and hold the copyright (or be the original artist).

Where digital prints are submitted, access to the original file may be required for winning entries. (If possible, supply any digital files on CD along with hard copy prints.) Prints can be colour or black and white and up to 12” x 8” in size.Each print/picture should be marked on the back


  • The print title and location
  • The category being entered – adult/primary/secondary
  • your full name;
  • your address/contact telephone number;
  • your age (if 18 or under).

In addition, please fill out the entry form and enclose this with your pictures.


There is no charge to enter the competition and you can enter as many times as you’d like. Prints will not be returned unless requested and sufficient postage is included with the submission. Prizes will be awarded for the best entries.

The Friends of Kinneil reserves the right to exhibit entries after the competition – or allow the press to print entries to publicise the competition. However you retain the overall copyright in your entry. Entry is open to anyone – except members of the Friends of Kinneil Management Committee, staff of Historic Scotland and Falkirk Council and their immediate families.


The entry date has been extended to Saturday, November 28.

There will be prizes for the best photographs and pictures in each section and awards for runners-up. Awards will be presented at a special ceremony on the 4th December 2009.

 Address your entries to: Images of Kinneil contest, Maria Ford 16, Craigallan Park, Bo’ness,  EH51 9QYAlternatively hand them in to the above address. 

Alternatively you can leave entries at Kinneil Museum, Kinneil Estate, Bo’ness; the Museum is open between 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Saturday. If you have any queries about the competition please email: info@kinneil.org.uk  – or call 01506 510629.

Good luck!